Multiple Stucco Texture to Consider

With the right stucco texture, your home can stand out as the neighborhood showpiece. Many people have been using stucco to side the exterior of their home for many years because of the durability of the product. It is widespread in its use, but can be mostly found in the southern and western parts of the country. Stucco is a mainly a Portland Cement product that is very cost effective and versatile. 

Different Stucco Texture and Color

Before slapping some stucco onto the exterior of your home take time time to consider the actual texture and color of the stucco. Using some different aggregates in the cement mixture homeowners can choose from a wide range of colors for their home's exterior. Different textures give the stucco great depth and character. Stucco texture is achieved through choosing different-sized aggregate and controlling the way that it is mixed. With the right combination the texture of your home can resemble a wood finish, brick, and other masonry. There are several different types of stucco texture to choose from. 

Deep Relief Stucco Texture

This is perhaps the most popular style of stucco texture. This has a broken up appearance that gives the exterior of the home great depth and character. It is applied without any uniformity in the trowel strokes, depth of creases, or with any type of organization. The Deep Relief stucco texture is the easiest to apply, especially for do it yourselfers.

Rock and Roll Stucco Texture

Somewhat resembling a popcorn ceiling, this type of stucco texture is basically a layer of stucco with a brushed look. Applying this type of texture is done through either a trowel and a stiff brush, or it can be blown on with a special sprayer. It has a great look to it, but can be a little overwhelming on a large surface. The Rock and Roll stucco texture does look great on retaining walls, solid concrete boundary fence, and outbuildings. 

Trowel Sweep Stucco Texture

Another popular form of texture for a stucco exterior is the Trowel Sweep. This design looks exactly like the name implies. There are raised lines in the stucco made by pressing one end of the trowel a little deeper into the stucco than another end. It is a more organized look than the Deep Relief texture and goes from top to bottom. Each of the "sweeps" are in their own line. Trowel Sweep stucco texture is one that is best used with a colored pigment rather than a bright white. 

Frieze Stucco Texture

If you have ever seen an aerial photo of Antarctica, you've seen what the Frieze stucco texture looks like. This type of texture is a mix of both flat surface and relief surfaces. The relief area is mostly the same height as the flat so there is not a lot of depth, but there is plenty of character. This texture is created with the use of different application techniques with flat trowels and sponges. 

When considering stucco for your home's exterior, take some time to notice all of the different texture choices. You will be surprised at the number of different ways stucco can look. Choosing the right one will drastically change the look of your home.