Multiple Types of Pipe Cleaning Equipment Multiple Types of Pipe Cleaning Equipment

From basic plungers to drill-operated drain cleaners, pipe cleaning equipment has been developed that can solve your clogged drain problem. Learn more below about the wide variety of pipe cleaning equipment that you can use to clear clogs from your residential plumbing.


The humble plunger has evolved over time. It began as a simple rubber hemisphere on a wooden rod, used to push clogs through pipes. The modern plunger is a large, flexible bell-shaped device capable of creating a vacuum strong enough to clear the majority of household drain clogs. Remember when using a plunger on a toilet that it works most effectively while the flush cycle of swirling water going down the toilet pipe is active. You can also clear many blockages from your sink, bathtub and laundry tub pipes with a plunger.

Toilet Snake

Developed for use in public restrooms, restaurants and other busy facilities which need drain clogs cleared fast, the toilet snake is more correctly called an auger. It pushes a coiled wire rope through the pipe to grind up the source of the clog, so that a flush of water can disperse the material. The rope is inserted into the pipe, and the user rotates the long handle on top to move the snake to and through the clog. Toilet augers come with 3-foot or 6-foot long wire ropes.

Urinal Augers

Shaped differently from a toilet snake to navigate the sharp turns of urinal plumbing, the urinal auger works in the same way as a regular toilet auger. Cable lengths on urinal augers are either 29 inches or 4 feet long.

Short Drain Snake

Use a short drain snake for the bathtub drain, bathroom or kitchen sink. The 27-inch cable is attached to a 4-inch long handle, to enable you to send it all the way through clogs caused by hair, shampoo, hair conditioner and all kinds of soap in the drain. In the kitchen, the short drain snake can reach to the S-curve to grind up food product clogs.

Clog Disperser

Attach a clog disperser (Clog Buster, TM) to a garden hose to clear pipe clogs with water pressure. The clog disperser's slotted front end increases water pressure to break up pipeline clogs. You simply remove the aerator from the faucet spigot, and screw on the adapter for the clog disperser. The adapter connects to the female end of the hose, and the clog disperser attaches to the male end. Put the clog disperser as far down the drain as you can, then turn on the cold water at the spigot slowly. The clog should disperse in a few seconds.

Drill-Operated Drain Cleaner

For larger problems and wider pipes, the drill-operated drain cleaner has been developed. A power drill device turns 25 feet of 5/16-inch thick cable to break up clogs in pipes up to 3 inches in diameter. The powerful motor can generate 500 rpm of rotational force on the cable. This drain cleaner can disperse clogs out of main drain pipes from your house to the municipal sewer system quickly. 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch cables are also available for the drill drain cleaner.

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