Myths About Old Walls And Insulation

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The walls and insulation in older homes are notorious for being drafty and not retaining heat. Read on to learn the truth about older walls, how you go can insulate them from the cold, and how to prevent air from flowing in the home.

Loose-Fill Insulation is Not the Answer

Old walls are not easy to remove, and so many homeowners will blow loose-fill between the sidewalls. This is a counterproductive step as it can cause paint failure from the outside and attract insects and rodents.

Vapor Barrier

Homes today are built to code using a vapor barrier and other layers of protection. Older homes were not built with vapor barriers. The cold air hits the outside walls and condenses. This makes the blow insulation wet and causes it to settle and rot at the bottom of the wall.

Walls Insulation Can Not Be Removed

If you have already used blow insulation, it can be removed. Take the siding down along with the sheathing from the bottom of the outside walls and pull out the insulation.