Naming Your Sailboat

Choosing a name for your sailboat don't be afraid to go with something personal and meaningful. Your boat and its name will be out there for others to see and will represent who you are. Give it some consideration. There are a number of places to go for inspiration.

  1. Many people name their boats after someone special in their lives—a spouse, significant other, child or someone who sails with you so your boat could be named Carolyn, Cynthia, Chet or Casey.
  2. You could give your boat a name that says what the sailboat represents to you such as Serenity, Freedom, Excitement, Mischief, Escape.
  3. Your boat name could be about your dreams: Caribbean Cruise, World Traveler, Island Hopper.
  4. Many boat owners come up with cute names, for example, Kids' Inheritance, Second Wind, Grownup Playground, Bachelor Pad.
  5. A boat name can recall an important event or location visited: Luxor Weekend, Wedded Bliss, Dad's Retirement.
  6. Boat names can reference something in nature: Tsunami Rider, Quiet Harbor, Secluded Island, Zephyr Wind.
  7. You could name your boat after someone famous associated with sailing: Jack Sparrow, Sinbad, Popeye.
  8. You may find inspiration from books, songs or movies: Sloop John B, Shangri-La, The Bounty, Kobayashi Maru.
  9. Your boat could be named after constellations, stars or mythology: Antares, Orion, Pegasus, Bacchus, Big Dipper.

Choosing a name for your sailboat is the first of many adventures you'll have at sea.