Naptha is a material that can be used for a few things. First, it is a solvent, or a thinner in things such as varnish. Naptha can also be used as a fuel.

How is Naptha Known?

There are many ways people refer to Naptha. It can be referred to as Benzine, which is petroleum Naptha. You can see it used in many items you can find on the shelf. For instance, Coleman produces many products that include Naptha. They are widely used for camping and fuel burning. The great thing about this chemical is, although it is very volatile, it burns clean and produces no bad fumes that could hurt anything. This is a plus and why most campers are partial to it.

The main way Naptha is used is for feedstock. This is the first intention of the chemical and still in practice today.  Naptha changes as it is boiled to a certain range. This is how we get so many uses out of it.