Natural Gas Fireplace Insert Buying Tips

A natural gas fireplace insert is a type of fireplace insert that operates on natural gas. This type of insert uses natural gas as a fuel source that when ignited, burns cleaner and cheaper than using wood logs or wood pellets. The natural gas fireplace insert is cheaper to install than a free standing wood pellet stove that requires you to build a bent to the outside of the home, either via a wall or the roof. With the natural gas fireplace insert, particularly in the case where a gas line exists, the insert can use the existing chimney as a vent.

If you are looking to purchase a natural gas fireplace insert for your home, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account. These considerations include choosing between a new and refurbished insert, the installation costs for the natural gas fireplace insert and the amount of energy that you will save as well as the amount of reduction in your existing energy bill the insert will bring. Each of these consideration are factors that must be looked into carefully when considering the purchase of the natural gas fireplace insert.

New vs Refurbished Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

The biggest consideration and buying tip regarding the natural gas fireplace insert is the question of new versus used. A new natural gas fireplace insert can run you several thousands of dollars while a used or refurbished one can cost between 1/3rd and 1/2 as much. Although the cost should not be a single motivating factor in determining the type of natural gas fireplace insert to purchase it is an important consideration to take into account. This is because everything begins and ends with your wallet.

Your desire to purchase a natural gas fireplace insert will be tempered by the actual cost of the appliance. If you are able to find a unit that is slightly used that has a reasonable price point and works just as well, it may be worth the investment over a newer unit.   

Installation Costs for the Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

The cost to have the natural gas fireplace insert installed is another consideration and buying tip to keep in mind. The natural gas fireplace insert, like all fireplaces (whether insert or free standing) should be installed by a certified installer. A certified installer receives their certification from the National Fireplace Institute, a certification board that sets the standards for the proper installation of fireplaces. If you choose to do this type of work by yourself without the proper training, there are certain risks that are associated with an improper installation, including possible injury or death to you or members of your household. 

Energy Cost Savings

A final consideration to take into account when buying a natural gas fireplace insert is the savings that you may derive from its use. The natural gas fuel costs in most communities is lower than electric and other heating costs. This may mean a significant reduction in your energy bills, particularly in the colder months of the heating season, that should not be taken lightly.