Natural Gas Pool Heater Efficiency Natural Gas Pool Heater Efficiency

Using a natural gas pool heater can present you with a number of unique benefits as a homeowner. When you are looking for the perfect pool heater, you want something that will be very efficient. Here are the basics of natural gas pool heater efficiency and what it means to you as a homeowner.

Natural Gas Pool Heater Efficiency

Using natural gas to fuel your pool heater is a very wise decision as it is one of the most efficient ways to heat your pool. Natural gas is one of the most efficient burning substances in the world. According to current estimates, when you burn natural gas, you get at least 96% efficiency. Therefore, when you spend $1 on gas, $0.96 of it will actually go towards the pool. This makes it much more efficient than many other methods that are available.

Compared to Electricity

Using natural gas to heat your pool, will provide you with a much more efficient option than using electricity. In fact, when you heat pool with natural gas, you will be able to heat it twice as fast as with electricity. Therefore, you will get to the temperature that you desire much quicker and use less resources to do it.

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