Natural Remedies for Dog Dandruff

Dog dandruff can be attributed to one thing: dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by allergies, poor diet, lack or exercise and poor grooming. If you take your dog to the vet, he will most likely prescribe expensive creams that might get rid of the problem. These prescriptions contain chemicals and medicines that can have side effects that are less pleasant than dog dandruff. You can usually cure dandruff yourself, without expensive prescriptions, using all natural remedies. The article below will share some of these with you.

Flaxseed Oil

When you have determined that the dog dandruff is not caused by some underlying ailment, you can seek a cure through adjusting the diet. Not all of the food you feed your pet is complete in all of the necessary vitamins, minerals or oils. If your canine friend is lacking is omega-3 fatty acids, then dandruff can occur. You can purchase flaxseed oil supplements at any heath food store, and add them to your dog’s food. Other sources of omega-3 fatty acid include pumpkin seeds and fish oil. The end result will be a coat that is shiny and healthy which is a result of good skin.

Vitamin E

Another nutrient that is sometimes lacking in your dog’s diet is vitamin E. Add this vitamin to their dry food or to their water (if liquid vitamin E). Vitamin E will give your dog a dandruff-free coat that is healthy and shiny. Your dog will require 5-10 milligrams of vitamin E each day per pound of the dog.

Oatmeal Bath

It is not known by many, but oats are actually a kind of herb that gives your skin back its natural oils, preventing dandruff from forming. This also applies to dog dandruff. There are various brands of organic dog shampoos that use oats as a primary ingredient. If the dog dandruff is very bad, then a regular bath using organic dog shampoo containing oatmeal will help solve the problem.

Groom the Dog Regularly

Brushing your dog’s coat, or having them groomed on a regular basis, can help to prevent and cure dog dandruff. As you are brushing your dog’s coat, you are actually distributing the oils that are naturally present on the skin. The more you brush your dog the less likely you are of seeing dog dandruff. Doing this also is relaxing for you and your pet, and you will both be less stressed as well. The process of brushing your dog’s coat can also reveal other skin problems like hot spots, flea dirt or ticks.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is an important factor in the general health of your dog. It decreases stresses which can cause dog dandruff. Exercise also helps to increase your dog’s immune system which will help prevent dog dandruff from becoming a problem. When your dog is in good health, its coat is also shiny and healthy. Walk your dog often and allow for free run in a dog park or play time.