Natural Stains for Your Bamboo Bathroom Sink

If you have a bamboo bathroom sink, you have a couple of options for naturally staining it to your liking. One thing you much know about bamboo is that it will not easily take a stain in its natural state. Bamboo has a very tough outer coating that accounts for most of the strength of the bamboo. In order to get bamboo to take any stain you must sand the surface to remove some of this glossy coat. In order to maintain the strength and integrity of the bamboo be sure not to sand to deeply or remove all of the outer coat. Once sanded there are a couple of natural staining options.


Especially once sanded, bamboo will darken and change color when heat is applied through the use of open flame or a torch. In order to stain your bamboo this way you will want to make sure your bamboo bathroom sink is outside and in a safe area. When applying any heat from open flame, do it with quick brief exposures to the heat in order to not burn the bamboo or light it on fire. After heat has been applied, the sanded bamboo can be resealed and varnished for shine and strength.

Purchased Stains

If using heat is not an option there are many colors and looks of natural stains that you can buy and apply to your bamboo bathroom sink. Just remember that bamboo is naturally resistant to stains and moisture so you will have to sand the bamboo lightly in order for the stain to adhere. After staining make sure to varnish or reseal the bamboo to maintain its water resistance.