Natural Ways to Maintain Whitefly Control Natural Ways to Maintain Whitefly Control

What You'll Need
Strong detergent
Sterilized soil

If you have houseplants, whitefly control is of concern to you. Most likely you will want to do it with the minimum of chemicals or no chemicals at all.

Step 1: Finding White Fly

If you are curious if your plants have whitefly, examine the leaves. You will find a gooey, sticky substance where the leaves join the stems on your plants and also on the back of leaves. It looks a bit like melted marshmallow. You can also move your hand among the leaves of the plants and will perhaps see the white flies fly out. White fly infestations can be very difficult to get rid of and to prevent their return.

Step 2: Clean the Plant

Give your houseplants a bath regularly under a kitchen sink or similar sprayer. Use warm but not hot water. Be sure to get the underside of the leaves. If you find whitefly, remove the sticky residue with a swab dipped in alchohol. Discard the swabs into a sealed plastic bag.

Step 3: Prevention

When purchasing plants, check the leaves and the whole greenhouse for evidence of infestation. Do not buy an infested plant. If your plants are infested, clean the tip of your watering can with alcohol also as it can be carried from plant to plant. Wash your flowerpots in strong detergent and very hot water to keep them contamination free. Only use sterilized potting soil and never reuse soil of a contaminated plant.

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