Neck Pillow: What Are Your Choices? Neck Pillow: What Are Your Choices?

Many people either don’t realize or cannot be bothered about the effects of a bad neck pillow on their cervical spine, posture, digestion and even snoring. A good pillow can make all the difference on various ends, and if you are one who is suffering from sleep related issues, change your pillow. Read on to learn all the choices that are available when it comes to the comfort of neck pillows.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

The most common type of neck pillow available is the memory foam neck pillow, and the one you are most likely to be familiar with. These are also known as Tempur-Pedic or Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillows, named after the company that first introduced them. Others know them as contour neck pillows. These pillows are designed by unique material that was originally developed by NASA that conforms and remembers the shape of things placed on it.

Travel Neck Pillow

These pillows are used mostly for travel, but others find their usefulness in regular, daily use also. They are shaped like dog bones, and also called dog bone pillow. They provide ample support to the cervical structures, and can be used as they are, or placed inside a standard pillow. These are typically made of a wide variety of materials.

Inflatable Neck Pillow

The advantage of inflatable pillows is that they can be inflated to whichever size is most suitable for an individual. These are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes and shapes. Another advantage is their size, and they can be easily carried along on trips or in a suitcase.

Buckwheat Neck Pillow

Many people who are allergic to synthetic fibers, foam or feathers find comfort in buckwheat pillows, with buckwheat neck pillows being the new rage. These are filled with buckwheat hulls, a fruit that is closely related to rhubarb, which keep the pillow cool and give ample support to the neck and the head. Although recently introduced in the West, these pillows and others made of buckwheat, have been popularly used in the Far East for centuries.

Pillow Size

Many don’t realize that the size of a pillow makes a difference, and tall and short people would require different sizes. The main purpose of a pillow is to provide support to the spine, the neck and the head, and that is where the size of the pillow matters. Another factor that can make a difference when choosing an appropriate neck pillow is the condition of the bed mattress. For all those that have lost their firmness, a neck pillow that is thicker and higher than others would suffice better than one that is thinner.


There are a wide variety of materials that make neck pillows, and the type you chose will depend on your personal preference and allergies, if any. In addition, there are different types of pillow materials that address various kinds of sleep issues. There are some that are designed especially to cure neck problems, headaches, snoring, and others.

Choosing the appropriate neck pillow will be different for different people. You have to take all the above points into consideration when making the decision.

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