Neutral Doesn't Have to Be Boring

apartment living room

Decorating an apartment can be a tricky task. Not only are you limited to a smaller space, but also you’re expected to furnish according to the apartment’s current style and state. Plus, a lot of apartments feature neutral colors to try to suit every possible tenant. This typically consists of gray or beige carpets and white walls—maybe a nice hardwood floor.

Luckily, these neutral (and slightly boring) colors don't have to get in the way of personalizing your home. In fact, it can create a versatile canvas for adding your own touch. It comes down to being mindful each item you purchase. With the right mindset and approach, you can furnish in a way that will suit this – and every – apartment.

1. Buy Neutral Furniture

When it comes to setting up a new apartment, furniture is the most important component. After all, without furniture, a room is basically useless. Make your life a little easier by opting for furniture in neutral colors; it will prevent a huge headache in the future.

Think of it this way: Furniture makes up the basic essentials in any home. When your basic components are in neutral shades, such as white and light gray, they’ll be more likely to work with any space you move to. The simpler the furniture, the more versatile it will be. As a result, bringing everything from one apartment to then next will be a breeze.

The neutral color palette also provides a “clean slate” for every apartment, allowing you to effortlessly bring in different colors and styles. This is especially useful if your taste tends to evolve and change after some time. You’ll have the freedom to experiment with different themes.

Bookcases, desks, tables, and chairs are all ideal pieces of furniture to buy in neutral shades. Because these are crucial to creating a comfortable living environment, you’ll do yourself a favor by going simple and sweet. It’s a wise, money-saving move that every renter can benefit from.

2. Choose Colorful Accessories

pink accent

Fortunately, working with neutrals doesn’t have to be completely void of color. If you’re looking for something more than a color palette of grays, whites, and beiges, turn to home décor accessories. These items are easy to switch out at a moment’s notice. They also tend to be easily replaceable if you change your mind or want to try something new.

Not sure where to start? Think about the items that fall in between the basics (furniture) and the extra embellishments (knick knacks). Examples include curtains, pillows, blankets, and lighting fixtures. Smaller storage units such as baskets and fabric boxes also count. These components are crucial to the vibe and feel of a room but don’t provide the same structural integrity that furniture does.

When choosing these items, think about the color scheme you are going for. Try your best to find items that fit your ideal color scheme and range. If you can, plan ahead of time and look for inspiration on the Web. You can even visit the paint section of your local hardware store and use paint chips to create color combinations. This will provide an excellent visual, ensuring that you truly love the colors you look for. As a result, it will increase the chances of keeping those items for apartments to come.

3. Use Colors Wisely

Of course, the color palette and theme of your space is ultimately up to you. However, there are certain ranges of shades that work best for frequent movers. These choices will not only help open up the space, but also create a pleasing visual.

To create the illusion of a bigger apartment, go for sharp colors and think about contrast. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should bring in bright, neon shades, though. Instead, it’s all about rich colors with major personality and substance. Items that are too dull and lean toward beige and light grays will be less preferable in most apartment situations.

If possible, stay away from incorporating too many trends at once. While there is nothing wrong with experimentation, bringing in too many popular items may result in a pile of unwanted décor by the next time you move. Pick and choose carefully, as you only have so much space to work with.

Want to make the colors in your space pop? Add a black item. This doesn’t even need to be the focal point or main highlight of the room. A single black item, such as a vase or a frame, will instantly amplify the colors around it. It’s an inexpensive, easy décor trick that can be applied to each and every apartment.