New Bosch Dishwasher Door Keeps Popping Open

hand opening dishwasher door

Bosch dishwashers have been designed to create space for organizing your kitchen utensils after cleaning them. These dishwashers save energy and water, making them very reliable. However, despite its numerous advantages, the Bosch dishwasher door is posed to be damaged. For instance, the door might keep popping open even after you close it firmly. There are several reasons that make the Bosch dishwasher door keep popping out.

For instance, it could be due to damaged door hinges, damaged door latches, or improperly positioned racks. To fix such problems, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to avoid damaging the door.

You should also frequently check the dishwasher door to ensure it is in a good state. This guide discusses the possible causes of such problems and how you can fix them. Read on to find out!

Broken Bosch Dishwasher Door Latch

The main reason why your Bosch dishwasher door keeps popping open is that the latch is broken or completely damaged. The only way of fixing broken latch problems is by replacing it with a new one. Get a dishwasher latch that fits your dishwasher.

Besides, you should ensure you get a latch recommended in the manufacturer's manual to avoid damaging the whole dishwasher door.

You should also purchase a high-quality latch that cannot be easily damaged. If you cannot fix the dishwasher door latch by yourself, it is vital to seek the services of a professional. Hire an experienced technician to fix the door latch for you and restore the Bosch dishwasher functionality.

Broken Dishwasher Door Hinges

Another reason you are experiencing Bosch dishwasher door problems is broken door hinges. Once the door hinges are damaged, the door will not close properly and will keep popping open. To fix it, follow these steps.

First, check the door hinges and ensure they are working efficiently or if they have mechanical issues. Sometimes, when you bang the dishwasher door, you can damage the door hinges. Therefore, you should be careful when closing the door and do it slowly and steadily.

Besides, you should avoid overloading the dishwasher with heavy dishes that could damage its door hinges. Such cases can result in bending and tearing. If the door hinge has issues, the only way you can fix it is by replacing them.

When getting new dishwasher door hinges, ensure you get them from authorized dealers. Alternatively, you can order these hinges directly from the Bosch Company. You can also oil your dishwasher door hinges to prevent cases of rusting.

Poorly Arranged Racks

Racks hanging outside your dishwasher will prevent the Bosch dishwasher door from closing properly. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that all the racks are properly positioned to prevent dishes from falling off and causing door problems.

You should also avoid overloading the dishwasher racks because it prevents the door from fully sliding into position. You should check the racks where they're heavily loaded and try to remove the extra dishes.

After unloading the dishwasher, try closing the door latch again. If it fails to close correctly, check out the other possible causes of dishwasher door problems.

Worn-Out Door Springs

The Bosch dishwasher comes with two springs that enable you to efficiently use the dishwasher door. If the springs wear out or become damaged, the door will keep popping open since the door will be too heavy to close. Therefore, ensure that you replace the door springs once they have been damaged.

You should also consult the manufacturer on the best springs to buy for your Bosch dishwasher door. It is also a good idea to take good care of the springs all the time.

Dirty Door Latch

Did you know that dirt could also be the reason why your Bosch dishwasher door keeps popping open? When there is an excessive deposit of dirt on the door latch, the dishwasher door might fail to close. Sticky food remains could also accumulate on the door latch, hindering it from functioning effectively.

To fix this problem, you should dry clean the door latch using soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Ensure that you scrub the latch slowly using warm water to get rid of all the sticky substances.