New Gas Furnace Cost Estimating

A new gas furnace can be a good investment if you are looking to change your current furnace. A gas furnace is a low cost, inexpensive way to meet the heating needs of your home. Having a natural gas furnace is more efficient for your home than other types of fuel burning furnaces that you may have installed.

There are some considerations that must be given regarding the cost of a new gas furnace as oppose to other types of furnaces that provide heat for your home. This article will discuss in general some of the cost estimating that should be taken into account when purchasing or considering the purchase of a new gas furnace.

The Cost of a New Gas Furnace

A new gas furnace purchase is not inexpensive. A large home with multiple heating zones and furnaces will add to the cost of purchasing a new gas furnace. You should expect to pay at least several thousands of dollars for the gas furnace. This of course does not include the installation costs for the new gas furnace. 

Types of Gas Furnace Outputs

The more BTUs or British thermal units which is the heat output measurement for gas furnaces, the higher the cost. A gas furnace with a BTU output of 80,000 can run between $4,000 and $6,000 in price depending on the manufacturer. This cost cannot be taken casually by most home owners or are looking the get the most for the least amount of money spent. 

A great output may be nice but not necessary for most homes in this country. A comparable gas furnace with a BTU rating of 20,000 may be sufficient enough for your home heating needs. A licensed installer may be able to best help you determine the minimum amount of output needed for your has furnace in order to help determine the right gas furnace for your home and your household.

Installation Cost Estimates

Purchasing the new gas furnace or multiple furnaces for your home will set you back a few thousands of dollars but this cost does not take into account the needs you have for installing the furnace or additional infrastructure improvements needed to install the furnace. Newer, higher energy efficient gas heater ma require additional ventilation needs that are beyond the existing bents provided for your old furnace. This will result in an additional charge of installing those new vents in order to properly install the new gas furnace.

Labor costs associated with the installation of your new gas furnace varies depending on the area of the country you live in. A reasonable hourly rate that you expect to pay for a licensed and qualified technician can be between $25 to $50 per hour and more. Calling around to different contractors can help you see the difference in labor costs for a small segment of the country without regard to other factors that can help you decide on the installer you want working in your home.