Tips for Purchasing New Home Windows Tips for Purchasing New Home Windows

Purchasing new home windows can be overwhelming because consumers have so many options.

The developments in new home windows over the last few decades have been staggering. There are now dozens of companies that produce hundreds of variations in types, colors, and finishes.  Adding to the confusion, there are differences in the insulating properties and UV ratings between windows, which affects heating and cooling efficiency. Despite all this, there are three important things to keep in mind when you are selecting new windows:

  1. Know your budget–the costs vary between vinyl windows, which are the cheapest, to custom wood windows, which can run up to several hundred dollars a window.
  2. Know your climate–where you live can have a major effect on the life of new home windows.  People who live in harsher climates may want to consider windows with exterior cladding or a triple pane window.
  3. Know your manufacturer–obviously, some manufacturers are better than others.  It is important to investigate all aspects of a company’s warranty before making a final decision.  Remember, the saying a “Company is only as good as their warranty” usually holds true.

Keeping these three simple facts in mind will make you feel like a seasoned pro when you are considering windows for your new home.  


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