A New Looking Kitchen on a Budget A New Looking Kitchen on a Budget

The cost to renovate a kitchen usually starts around $25,000 and can go up dramatically from there. In addition while all that expensive work is being done you're usually left without a place  to prepare and cook meals. If you would like to have a new looking kitchen without the aggravation of having your kitchen torn apart for weeks or months and the cost of a major renovation, there are some options. Here's some ideas on how you can give yourself a new looking kitchen on a slim budget.

Walls and Ceiling

  • One thing that will give your kitchen a dramatic new appearance is to simply give the walls and ceiling a fresh coat of paint. Colors just like clothes go out of style and if your kitchen has been the same color for the last ten years it's probably out of style. A coat of paint can quickly bring your kitchen into the 21st century at a cost of a around a hundred dollars.
  • Changing a light fixture is job a DIY'er can easily take on and replacing a dated light fixture with something more in style more practical (track lighting?) can make a dramatic change to an old kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

  • If your existing cabinets are still solid, consider changing the existing hardware. New cabinet handles and drawer pulls are inexpensive and readily available at home stores and you can change your entire kitchen cabinet hardware in half a day.
  • Want to tie your cabinets in with your new wall color? Consider painting the cabinets or even easier, just the doors. Changing the door color yet not the cabinets themselves will give your kitchen a dramatic new appearance.
  • You can also paint wood cabinets to get rid of the dated looking wood and tie the color in with your new decor.
  • Not looking to take on a major painting job? How about applying a stencil to the cabinet faces to add some life to the doors, or taking the doors off entirely and having new "open" look kitchen cabinets.
  • Got a little bit of money to spend, remove you cabinet doors and take them to a professional to cut out the center and replace it with a glass insert.


  • You may not want to go to the trouble and expense of actually replacing your countertops, but you can paint countertops (even laminate) and new color counters will definitely change your kitchen.
  • Changing the back splash behind your counters is also a job most DIY'ers can take on. Covering the existing back splash with a sheet of laminate or metal or even something different such as painted bead board will definitely give you a new look kitchen.


  • While changing the sink is significant project, changing only the faucet isn't. A stylish new faucet is a significant upgrade and modern plumbing fixtures are easy for a homeowner to install themselves since they don't require you to cut any pipes or solder plumbing joints. The faucet plumbing uses compression fittings you just tighten by hand.

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