New Power Tools vs Reconditioned Power Tools New Power Tools vs Reconditioned Power Tools

Reconditioned power tools can represent a real bargain, especially among the more expensive tools.

New Power Tools

With new power tools you know you’re buying something that’s never been used before. They will generally come with a good warranty and you should be able to expect years of service from them.

If they’re from a reputable manufacturer then that’s a general sign of reliability. You pay for quality, of course, and there’s always a special feeling from buying something that’s brand new.

The new tools will have been tested so you know they’re in the very best condition and properly adjusted.

Reconditioned Power Tools

The greatest advantage of reconditioned power tools is the price. They’re considerably cheaper than new, and the savings can be significant. They’ve been checked and parts replaced where needed. They will come with a limited warranty. For many people that’s enough as the tools won’t be used on a regular basis, so the price savings outweighs the other factors.

The reconditioned power tools will work well, although the fact that they’ve been reconditioned can indicate some inherent problem and it’s worthwhile to remain aware of this. Reconditioned units aren’t as reliable and might not always have the same power as a new power tool.

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