New Year's Ideas for Throwing Extravagant Parties and Saving a Bundle

When it comes throwing the best New Year’s party without breaking the bank, it is possible to put together a truly impressive menu with smart New Year's ideas while still conserving dollars. This year, many are looking for the most affordable options that will still wow guests at a New Year’s function. Some solid tips for saving money without compromising taste or quality will help out in the task of crafting the best New Year’s menu that can save money, save time and give everyone a healthier start to the fresh New Year.

Affordable Champagne

For saving money on the bubbly, experts offer a wealth of ideas, starting with some brands that will impress without a huge price tag. A list of reputable champagnes for under $10 a bottle includes Freixenet – this Catalunyan favorite from the north of Spain tastes is a great import. For a few dollars more, buyers can get Castellroig from the Penedes region. Some recommend diluting the champagne in a punch mix to make it last, while other options include going with a themed punch drink like cranberry sangria or some other lower cost alternative that guests will still enjoy.

Stretching a Seafood Budget

With the focus on health for so many Americans these days, seafood options are taking over the entrée menu for big parties. However, some of the top choices can be hard on the wallet. For example, in some parts of the country, prices for wild caught salmon (the healthy kind) can be astronomical, and even farmed salmon isn’t that cheap. A great solution is to make this stuff into baked cakes that do more with less of the pricy stuff, while making a nice-tasting seafood even more flavorful with herbs, spices and other ingredients. Try this with salmon or crab for a menu centerpiece.

Addressing the Caviar Option

Another big traditional taste at a New Year’s function is caviar. However, for most of us, these aren’t really caviar times. But culinary experts have come up with a novel way to fit a caviar style into modern lifestyles. Chefs are experimenting with “yogurt caviar” that produces the same kinds of textures and tastes without the price of caviar, and with a better overall health value. Make your party cheaper and more health-friendly with some nutritious faux-caviar options.

Hearty Hors D’oeuvres

Part of a great New Year’s party is the apps – there are a lot of options for low-cost, high-protein appetizers, from Vienna-sausage-type items made of cut up beef franks, to easy wrap options like Lebanon bologna and cream cheese. Find your favorites and add them to the side buffet to give guests even more appetizing choices.

These basic cost-saving options can help start off the brainstorming for a great New Year’s soiree. Do some thorough price checking at local stores, and use your imagination, to create the party that you want at a price you can afford. Remember, cheaper doesn’t have to mean lower quality, and making smart choices doesn’t have to include compromising on what your dinner menu looks like.