Great Tips For Sticking To Your New Year's Resolutions Great Tips For Sticking To Your New Year's Resolutions

Everybody makes New Year's Resolutions, and most people break them. In this article we will discuss various ways to plan out your resolutions that will make it so you can actually live up to them and make the changes that you really want to make this New Year.

The most important tip for making your New Year's Resolution is to think about it. Do not just casually blurt out some random goal this New Year. Instead, think about it ahead of time. Scan your brain for the things that you really want to change about yourself, and be honest. The only way to improve yourself is to admit you have flaws that need improving in the first place. Get a piece of paper and write down all the things you like about yourself, and all the things you want to change. Once you have an honest list with more than a few things written down, think about what your highest priorities are. Of the things you wrote down that you wanted to change, which ones are the most crucial?

The easiest way to not live up to your resolution is to make a goal that is simply unattainable. Try not to make goals that are too big for you to swallow. Remember that big changes come from lots of small changes, so try to focus on the smaller stuff first. Sometimes just being more vague with your goals can help. For instance, if you are very overweight but have never exercised in your life, your goal should be to exercise more, not to lose that 150 pounds you have laying around. Obviously you want to lose that weight, but If you make that your goal, chances are you will only end up getting frustrated when you do not get the results you wanted, and stop all together. In order to focus on the bigger picture, sometimes we have to focus on the smaller ones first.

Once you have started on your goal, remember to track your progress, so you can see how much you have changed. Do not to beat yourself up every time you break your resolution. It takes a long time to change, and what matters is that you are trying. Do not dwell on your mistakes, instead, reward yourself for your efforts! Every time you meet your goal, do something fun for yourself to celebrate it. Remember, the bottom line for success is to keep going! All you need to fulfill your New Year's Resolution is determination, willpower, and the strength to admit your flaws. You can do it!

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