Nine Roman Shade Design Ideas Nine Roman Shade Design Ideas

Roman Shades are fast becoming one of the most popular of window dressing decor because they are both functional and decorative, they can be fitted to different window sizes and they come in different styles, affordability and light control. They can substitute curtains or compliment them and although they are a bit expensive when compared to traditional draperies they are a good run for your money.

To be effective both as a functional and as a decorative item, the design must suit the size, style, positioning, function and setting of windows, thus they can be installed in different ways:

Inside Mounting

    The shade is installed inside the window opening if you want it out of the way or the window’s frieze is too beautiful to cover.

    Outside Mounting

      Many windows demand this type of treatment especially when you want to harmonize windows that are of different heights

        French Doors Shades

          Romans are ideal for these types of windows because they provide the privacy needed. They are also perfect for sliding doors.

          Top Down shades

            These are ideal when a great deal of privacy is needed like in the bathroom because only light is allowed in. These shades can open from the top as well as the bottom thus ensuring privacy and the amount of light let in.

            Flat Design

            Roman shades are not limited to the usual flat design, they come in three basic styles, casual, formal, and classic but the choice of fabric will influence the final effect. Flat roman shades are mostly used for modern and contemporary environments making use of various natural materials as well as modern geometric fabrics. They are also combined with other draperies to form layered designs.

            Hobbled Design

            Hobbled roman shades fall in the casual category creating a soft cascade of folded horizontal pleats, one on top of the other.  Hobbled roman shades made from flowered material give a lovely country and rustic feel to your decor.

            Tahoe Design

            Alternatively, you can omit any horizontal stitching and opt for the Tahoe roman shade design. This style looks flat when completely closed but will have shorter edges when drawn. This will give us a soft draped 'smile' look which can be adopted to both casual as well as an elegant style. They come in an astonishing variety of fabrics even custom-made exotic ones like silk, velvet or satin.

            Lined Shades

            Lining roman shades with white Privacy liners will help you reduce the amount of light that enters you home and help with sound absorption, especially in bedrooms or nurseries. Blackout liners provides complete light blockage. They can also be backed with insulating thermal acrylic foam to protect from heat and cold and thus help reduce energy consumption.


            There are cordless shades which will set your mind at rest for young children’s safety or some inquisitive cat’s absorption with cords. You can also have them motorized so they are very easy to operate and timers can control opening and closing time.

            Hundreds of combinations are possible on all aspects, like adding decorative hems for a wonderful finishing touch or putting two types of fabrics on one rail and alternating the shades between day and night as the mood takes you. They will be more expensive to buy especially if custom made, but there are so many firms which produce them, that if you shop around you are sure to get the best bargain. It will be well worth it because roman shades are so versatile, that any style, shape, or color that comes from your creativity and imagination can be achieved.

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