No Sew Window Cornice Kits No Sew Window Cornice Kits

You can find some great cornice kits at most local stores that supply home furnishings, or even through online merchants. They are generally of a pre-made form and are easily installed into your home, using the hardware that is already in place around your windows. You will generally get the option to custom build your cornice kit through most companies, and they are lightweight and easy to install. These types of cornices are considered, 'no sew cornice kits'.

Cornice Layouts

You can custom build your own cornice kits by going to a website or into a store that has them for sale. Many different varieties are available to add color, visual organization and harmony in your rooms. A cornice is a great addition to a homes interior windows, and it is also not that expensive to implement. You have choices of color, size and texture on all cornice works, and the patterns in the cornice can add a fine touch to any room in the home.

Mounting Hardware

Each of the cornice kits come with mounting hardware, so you can hang them above and around your windows with ease. In some cases they will fit right over your existing curtains and not much preparation is needed in installing one. Be sure that the length of your hanging rods extend past the top edge of the windows to ensure the most coverage with your new cornice.

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