Nominal Dimension

In construction, we rely on dimensions and certain measures to make our projects come together. For terms sake, this is what is known as a nominal dimension. Nominal dimensions come related to many materials. Most commonly, you will see this related to lumber.

Why do we Need Nominal Dimension?

Nominal dimension is needed to make sure we have a standard among the industry. For instance, many contractors outsource to other countries or other businesses in their industry. If we did not have a standard nominal dimension, neither party would know what the other one was talking about.

Examples of Nominal Dimension

Examples of nominal dimension are when you reference a stud at 2x4. If you reference a stud as 2x4, anyone you talk to would know what that meant. It is a precise measurement that is universally known. This jargon is especially important for those building homes or wood buildings. Being that structures such as these rely heavily on wood for framing, nominal dimension knowledge is a must.