Non-Toxic Caulk Options for your Bathroom Sink Non-Toxic Caulk Options for your Bathroom Sink

Caulking is an important part of maintaining your bathroom sink. This is the process of sealing the seams and joints of the sink structure as well as those in some forms of piping. You might have a sink that is in need of re-caulking. If you do, make sure that you try a non-toxic caulk for this.

Reasons for Re-Caulking

One reason to re-caulk is when the original caulk starts to get weak and brittle. If you allow it to stay this way, you might get water flowing behind the top of the sink. Another reason for re-caulking is that you see mildew on the caulk and you cannot seem to remove it.

Non-Toxic Options

If you need to re-caulk your bathroom sink, it does not hurt to do a good deed for the environment as well. There are now non-toxic options that you can try. The regular caulk is filled with carcinogens that you can be breathing in. It can also be harmful if you get it on your skin.

There are caulk products that are water-based and come with a low VOC or volatile organic compound volume. There are also substitute caulk compounds that are almost like the real thing. While you cannot find caulk that is completely non-toxic, your best option is to find the least harmful.

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