Non-Toxic Face and Body Products Safe for the Bathroom Sink Non-Toxic Face and Body Products Safe for the Bathroom Sink

Face and body products now come in a wide variety so that you can not only protect your body and the environment, but you can also preserve your bathroom sink. Here are a few products that are non-toxic and also safe for your sink and tub.


This brand of face and body products are made organically and are designed without the chemicals that strip both your face of its natural oils and the sink from its enamel. Each product is made from organic food products as well as pure oils to pamper your skin and preserve your sink.

Sirena Pure Coconut Oil

The coconut oil is safe and smooth for the skin and also non abrasive for the sink. You can use this oil in both the bath and or the sink for face and body.

Dr. Bronner's Unscented Baby Castile Liquid Soap

This liquid soap is great for babies and adults. It is a great non-abrasive and soft mixture that is gently on both the body and your bathroom sink.

Botanic Gold Natural Soap

This soap is soft on the skin, chemical-free and can be used for many purposes as well as for the face and body. It is non-abrasive, breaks down dirt and oil and is safe for all sinks.


Non-Toxic Skin Care is a line of face and body products that are great for the skin, environmentally aware and safe for your sink. They have a wide variety that ranges from face wash to lotions as well as shower gels and shampoo. You can find these products online.

Homemade Products

Mixing many non toxic ingredients together to make your own homemade soap is a great way to both get the product you are looking for as well as make sure that the ingredients are safe for the sink. One example of a homemade face wash is mixing honey, whole milk and almond oil. These 3 products together can be heated up and used to rinse your face. They are great for a smooth complexion and they are all safe to be washed down the sink. None of the products are abrasive or will strip the enamel off your sink.

Another homemade body product is a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. Because the lemon juice mixes with the baking soda, you will have no problem using it in the sink and you may actually see cleaning benefits for the sink as well. This mixture can be put together and then applied on the face in a circular motion and then rinsed off.

Each one of these products can be used on your face or body and are non-toxic and made from organic materials. They are also safe for the bathroom sink and will not cause buildup, clogs or wear and tear. While some of them are a little more expensive than non-organic products, you will save money in the long run by preserving your sink.


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