Nontoxic Ways to Remove Wood Floor Polish

Removing wood floor polish can be a messy and rather smelly project. Most chemical removers need well ventilated areas, but it is not always possible to achieve this in a small room or home. It is always best to wear a respirator mask for protection when removing polish, varnish or any other floor covering.

Non Toxic Removal

The simplest and best way to remove floor polish is to sand the floor back down to the original wood. This will negate the need for any chemicals or harsh cleaners and will leave your floor looking smooth and ready for a new sealant treatment. Using a floor sander is not difficult and they can be rented by the day, very cheaply.

Household Items

Lemon juice and salt are also good for removing floor polish in a non toxic fashion. It will take a lot scrubbing on your part and you will be better using a cushion for your knees, but it is safe and will do the job. Simply mix equal parts of salt and lemon juice and put them into a spray bottle. Spray the area and use a gently abrasive cloth to scrub the polish from the floor. Some polishes will get very ingrained so, persistence is required.