Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

It's not every woman's intention to walk down the aisle in a big white dress like a tent: some women prefer to look at non-traditional wedding ideas. Even if you do want a big dress, then a few wedding idea alternatives can help to create an individual wedding that everyone will remember.

Costume Weddings

Costume weddings are a great alternative to the traditional wedding; they provide fun for everyone, not just the bride and groom. Set up a themed wedding and encourage your guests to dress up. Costume weddings are increasingly popular among gothic and alternative couples. Costume wedding ideas can also help the bride to pick out an alternative to the big white dress.

Themed Weddings

These go very well with costume weddings, and can provide the ideas for the ceremony, the reception, and even the honeymoon. Medieval themed wedding ideas are used by many couples every year: they provide a neat alternative to the traditional wedding.

Unusual Ceremonies and Receptions

Don't feel obliged to have your wedding in a chapel or registry office, if there are other places that can perform it. In places such as Pennsylvania, where an official is not necessary, a wedding can take place anywhere: even a bookshop! Unusual reception places also help provide alternative wedding ideas: castle receptions are very popular for alternative weddings.

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