Not-so-obvious Essentials for First-time Homeowners

So, you've chosen to take the plunge and invest in your very own home. Congratulations, you're now on the property ladder, and the only direction from here is up! With your moving day looming, it can feel like the list of to-do's is endless before you can finally set foot in your new pad. However, even once you're finally inside your new home, for most of us, this is only the beginning...

Within the first few days of living in their new homes, many first time homeowners are caught without the not-so-obvious, but essential, essentials. There are a lot of comforts we take for granted and rarely think twice about in our day-to-day home life. Yet, without these comforts, we feel helpless and we struggle to function.

It's time to break down the not-so-obvious essentials for first time homeowners to prevent the horror of being caught without important items.

The Kitchen

dish soap and sponge

Let's start with the kitchen. After a day of moving and unpacking, you're most likely to be tired and hungry on your first evening in your new home. Prevent being without and make sure you pack the following essentials to keep your hunger pangs at bay.

A Can and Bottle Opener

Food (and maybe a bit of alcohol) is required on the first evening in your new digs. Can and bottle openers are often overlooked when packing and/or purchasing kitchen items for a new house, but they're a vital necessity. Be sure to place them on the essentials list so that you aren't spending your first night frustrated and hungry!

Cooking Utensils

The time will come when you want to cook, and you can't do it without a spatula or wooden spoon. Don't puit yourself in a position where you're making something simple, adding all the ingredients to your pot or pan, only to realize mid-cook that you've got nothing to stir or flip with.

An Oven Mit

This is a hugely overlooked item that is so important. Maybe you spend the first night or two ordering takeout or eating cereal, avoiding having to cook a large meal in the chaos. What happens when it is time to finally cook a meal in your home, and you don't have any oven mits? Ouch!


Moving into a new home and not being able to wash up is a nightmare! Think about it. You have to break down and use utensils or bowls or plates in the first few days, but without dish soap (and a sponge), that is going to pile up and cause a real stink in your kitchen. Plus, you have to be able to wash yourself up! Unpacking can get dirty, and dish (or hand soap) is the only way to keep yourself clean.

The Bedroom

ready made bed

After refueling from the long day of moving, nothing sounds better than crawling into your bed, resting your aching muscles, and slipping off into a sweet slumber. In order to guarantee the best night's rest in your new home, make sure you have the following essentials.

A Lamp

When the sun goes down, you start to notice your vision isn't what it used to be... and then you realize you forgot to unpack a lamp! If you don't have built-in overhead lighting, be sure to unpack and plug in lamps in each room first to avoid injuring yourself in your new surroundings from a bump in the dark.

Clothing Hangers

You took great care transporting your dresses, shirts, and slacks, so why let them get creased now waiting to be put away in their proper place? Get some clothing hangers for your precious threads and show them just how much you love them.

A Laundry Hamper

Don't let stinky laundry collect in the corner of your new room for too long. Keep your home looking neat with a laundry hamper. Because let's face it, moving is messy enough without adding dirty laundry into the mix.

Bonus Tip: Make your bed as soon as all your belongings have been unloaded from the moving truck. Nothing could be worse than hitting your breaking point and having to muster up more energy to make the bed before you can sleep in it. What could be better at the end of the day than collapsing in your already-made bed?

The Bathroom

toilet paper in bathroom

After some much needed rest, the bathroom is the next place you'll to pay attention to. Many of us forget bathroom essentials, and it is only when we are without these essentials that we realize how much we need them in our lives.

Toilet Paper

This may seem obvious, but seriously, don't forget to buy toilet paper before the move. New homes don't come with it, and it isn't pleasant to realize you don't have any at the exact moment you need it most.

A Shower Curtain

Don't expose yourself to the elements of your new house while sprinkling excess shower water all over your new bathroom floor! Get a shower curtain and liner to protect all concerned. Bonus: Getting a weighted curtain will ensure everything is kept in place securely.

A Plunger

We shall avoid delving into the nitty-gritty details and keep this one brief... Just make sure a plunger is on the list to avoid a complete catastrophe!

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Make sure to keep everyday cosmetics and toiletries on hand. Shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, body wash, toothpaste, and so on should all be easily accessible. Be sure to keep yourself squeaky clean throughout the first few days. Your house warming guests may not take too kindly to smelly hosts!

Towels and Bath Mat

Get creative and go to town! Get matching sets to show off your personality, or show a little flair with a mis-matched chic look for your water closet. Whatever you decide to do, make sure sets of towels and a bath mat are purchased and ready for use so that you can clean off your moving day grime without getting water all over the place.