Nourishing and Natural Dog Food with Glucosamine

Just like people, older dogs get arthritis, and studies have shown that if they eat natural dog food with Glucosamine they may get relief from the pain arthritis causes in their joints. If the dog’s diet is changed to include this kind of food, they could show changes in their arthritis symptoms within about 30 days.

Diet is a Factor in Arthritis in Dogs

Most dogs don’t eat natural dog food, but instead have a diet high in red meat. Red meat has uric acid in it, and uric acid has been shown as one contributing cause of arthritis. What can you do about this problem? Concerned dog owners can switch their dog’s food to a natural dog food that contains Glucosamine. Glucosamine is an anti-inflammatory agent and works to reduce the swelling and pain that is caused by arthritis.

Treats with Glucosamine

You can buy many different kinds of dog treats with Glucosamine. Some of the brands that contain it include Pet Naturals Dog Chews, Loving Pets Gourmet Beef Sticks for Dogs, PetAG Rawhide treats for dogs, Synovial Flex Dog Soft Chews, Greenies and many others. Most can be found in pet food supply stores or at your veterinarian’s office. You can also buy them on the Internet at pet food retailers like Petco, PetsSmart, and other similar locations.

Dog Food with Glucosamine

Commercial dog foods are also available with added Glucosamine. Some of the brands that you can find it in include Inova Natural Dog Food, Natural Balance Dog Food, AvoDem Dog Food, Canadai All Natural Holistic Dog Food, and more. These foods also are free of dyes, and contain natural foods like pure chicken, duck, and venison, as well as vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots, and some are grain free, as well. Others also contain extra vitamins and minerals meant to help keep your dog healthy such as calcium, flaxseed, or vitamin C, B12, and D3. These foods can be purchased in dry or wet forms. As in the case of the treats, you usually have to go to your pet food supply stores, veterinarian office or buy these products on the Internet.

Not Just for Older Dogs

Natural foods with Glucosamine aren’t just for old dogs; they can benefit younger dogs, as well. Glucosamine has been shown to build up their joints and muscles, and thus help prevent arthritis. Also, natural foods are better for dogs of all ages because if they eat these all their lives, their body won’t build up toxins that could occur from the artificial flavors and ingredients found in some other kinds of dog foods.

All in all, if you are concerned about your dog’s health, then natural dog food is the best choice to keep your dog happy and healthy its entire life.