November DIM Star: Retail Mirror Replica

Once a month we like to shine the spotlight on an impressive DIYer by giving their shared project the ol’ “Did It Myself” (DIM) stamp of honor. And, as an added bonus, all DIM Stars are automatically entered into consideration for our first annual DIM Awards next May.

This month we congratulate “mykidsmother” on their retail mirror replica. Share your project and next time it could be you!

What They Did

"Mykidsmother" saw a mirror she liked that retails for $800, but didn't want to spend that much for the piece. She knew she could create something comparable on her own -- and did! Shopping at the local Walmart, she found mirrored candle plates that replicate the look of the mirrors on the original. She secured them to a half-inch plywood base with Liquid Nails, and finished off the project with some trim and wood stain. Her final cost: $100.

Why We Like It

This DIYer used a little bit of ingenuity and very basic DIY skills to create a piece of decor for an eighth the price of what the original sells for. Anyone can shell out money for some home decor, but a true DIYer knows they can make it themself!

To have a look at "Mykidsmother"'s work, visit their project: //
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