5 Event Management Tips For Corporate Events

Corporate event management is regarded as one of the most effective ways of communication and strategic advertising. A corporate event can be for launching of a new product, a press conference, to raise funds for a charity, communicating with shareholders or customers or any other reason which requires the corporate to have a platform where it can promote itself. A small event can generally be managed quite easily by sales or PR staff directly concerned with the purpose of the corporate event. But for larger events, where a number of external agencies are to be involved, it is better to arrange to outsource the work to an event management company. These companies are geared to arranging such events and can devote all their time to the concerned event, instead of the part time attention that people from within the corporation would be able to give.

Decide on the Type of Event Planning

One of the first things you need to do before you get around to organizing your corporate event is to decide what type of event you are planning. Each type of event would have its own special requirements and you need to be very clear as to what you hope to achieve through the event and then decide how you are going to reach your goal. A product launch would need that you gather all your dealers and publicists in one place. A charity event would need you to get the attention of likely donors. A shareholders meet would require you to get the information out to all the shareholders. Decide on the likely participants and the number of people who would attend such an event. This would help you to decide the venue.

Choosing the Event Management Company

The next thing to do is to decide whether an event management company is your best choice to run the event. Look for event management companies that have previous experience in arranging such events. You could use your own knowledge from events you would have attended elsewhere, which were satisfactory and contact the same agencies. One advantage in linking up with an event management company is that they have with them a complete list of resources for doing all the things necessary to manage a successful event, be it catering, booking a venue, arranging for support staff, or even volunteers to help out.

Some Useful Event Management Tips

In case you are arranging an event that requires some entertainment and sponsors, you need to have your ideas about these two things firmly decided, as each type of entertainment medium has its own special needs and would require to be dealt with completely right from arranging the artistes, the venue, the admission methods, stage and other requirements.

You would now have to assess whether you require doing any catering, and whether any dinners or such events are required during the event. This will have you deciding on the menu, the caterers and other matters. For this you would need to correctly assess the type of people who would be attending and the likely choice of food and drinks that you may have to serve.

If there are to be any speeches, award giving or such matters you would require a venue where you can set up a stage and arrange for the necessary audio and visual projection. You would also need to make seating arrangements that will always keep your event in mind and allow the participants who have to play a more active part, easy access to the podium or stage.

If any permissions or clearances are required you would need to have got them in advance. You would also need to arrange for security, parking and crowd control. You would have to arrange the necessary publicity for the event and see that all media are informed about it.

Other Factors That Will Help You Organizing the Corporate Event

1. First of all, you have to finalize the date and time of the event and follow it up with fixing the venue.

2. The few factors you should consider before fixing the venue is whether it is air conditioned or if not, is there adequate natural daylight and ventilation in the venue.

3. Is the venue easily accessible by all the invitees and are there adequate vehicle parking facilities?

4. The popular and more comfortable venues may not be available during most parts of the year unless you make it a point to book early. Make a fair estimate about the number of people who will be attending the event to determine whether the venue is large enough to accommodate them all.

5. If it is going to be a family event, make sure the venue is safe for children and there is not heavy traffic around. It is necessary that the event area is properly fenced so that children will not go astray and there will be no possibility for outsiders to intrude.

6. Contact your city council and obtain the necessary permit if your local laws call for any Special Events Permit.

7. Once the date, time and venue are finalized and permit formalities are completed, arrange to print the invitation cards sufficiently in advance. The cars can be fanciful or less fanciful or formal, depending on the nature and theme of the event.

8. If you are planning to serve drinks, it is preferable to hire a bartender.

9. Consider various menu options and hire a suitable caterer. Food is the key feature of any corporate event. Most guests have a tendency to determine the success of an event with the quality of food served.

10. You should engage a reputed and reliable catering service company to handle the food aspect. Decide whether you want to serve food buffet style or as sit down dinner.

11. For invitees not to turn up on the day allotted for the event even though they might have confirmed their presence is a very common thing to happen. Make sure you order the right quantity of food so that there is no wastage.

12. Make it a point to take special care of all the celebrity guests and never leave them alone lest they are embarrassed.

13. If you are planning an audio/ video presentation or sound feeds for the media, ask a technician to be on standby.

Planning a Successful Corporate Event

Organizing a corporate event is quite a daunting task. The most common lapses could be an inconvenient venue with inadequate parking, lack of proper washrooms, poor quality of food coupled with wrong menu, power failures, and key invitees or chief speakers not arriving on time. Anticipate each one of these problems and take suitable precautionary measures and also be alert to solve any unanticipated hiccups that may suddenly crop up to spoil the event.

Once you have all these things in place you can go forward with your event and be assured that it will be a success.