4 Gable Roof Construction Ideas

Gable roofs are probably the most common types of roof in the world. Typically they comprise two equal rectangular roof areas joined at a high point along a long axis. Usually the pitch of the roof will be between 25 and 45 degrees, which is usually plenty to ensure rapid drainage of rainfall while reducing wind resistance.

Inverted Gables

Although not common, inverted gables are sometimes used. These roofs are not used so much on main buildings as on annexes.

Steep Gables

In areas where snow fall can be heavy, gable roofs can be much steeper than 45 degrees. The angle helps to prevent snow from settling on the roof in any quantity since it will continually slide off.


Gable roofs can fit so that the roof ends just beyond the wall line or they can extend over the wall. The length of roof from the wall line to the edge of the roof is called the eaves. They are useful for limiting weather damage to the upper parts of the walls, which are harder to access to clean.

Asymmetrical Gables

Not all gable roofs are built with two equal sides. It is not unusual to see gable roofs with one side much longer than the other. As well as changing the gables there are also the additions that can be made to the roof like dormer windows.