4 Green House Building Ideas 4 Green House Building Ideas

Green house building has become more popular in the last few years as grocery prices have continued to rise for vegetables, fruits and other items. As a result, there are numerous wonderful ideas for building green houses that are not only easy, but fun for the entire family.

1. Do It Yourself

One great idea for building a green house is to purchase the materials for building the frame from your local home improvement center and construct it yourself. You can use steel or pvc tubing to construct the basic frame for the walls and even ceiling. Over this you can place Plexiglas or transparent sheeting to construct the walls and ceiling.

You can also make the framing out of inexpensive wood stakes or 2x4 lumber. Either staple heavy plastic sheeting to the frame or attach transparent plastic sheets to the framing.

Another do it yourself option is to construct the framing and then place shade cloth over the frame to shield your tender plants from the strong rays of the sun.

2. Use a Kit

Over the past few decades, kit green houses have become very popular. Home gardeners can purchase green house kits that are relatively inexpensive, either online or through their local home improvement center. These kits provide everything needed to construct the green house, except the tools and the land. Green house kits range in size from very small seedling starter green sheds to large-scale glass enclosed green houses.

3. Build a Communal Green House

One idea that is also gaining in popularity is for neighbors or groups to come together for communal gardens. A communal green house is just one more step in that direction. If you and your neighbors all want to build a green house, one answer is to combine efforts and money to purchase a green house that will allow gardeners to grow a wider and larger selection of plants, according to their interest.

4. Build a “Green” Green House

While purchasing a green house kit might be an attractive idea, it can also be a rather expensive undertaking if you want a larger green house to grow a wide variety of plants. One answer to lowering the cost is to use recycled materials for the construction of the house. If you do not have left over lumber from other projects that have been demolished available, try visiting your local construction salvage yard. It is always surprising the types and amounts of lumber, windows, paint and other materials that are available at salvage yards, and for very good prices. Very often, these resources have materials that are left over from construction projects that were not completed or materials that were simply over purchased.

Building a green house is an excellent way to grow your own fruits, vegetable and other plants even if you live in a cold climate.

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