4 Home Decor Picture Ideas

Creating interesting home decor pictures can be tricky. Most store bought pictures are generic and uninteresting. With these 4 home decor picture ideas you are sure to find something that will make a big impact and statement when hung on the walls in your home.

Pressed Leaves or Flowers

One idea for home decor pictures is to use pressed leaves or flowers hung in a frame. To create this look simply find greenery or flowers from your home garden or local garden center that will fit in with your home's theme or decor. Lay the flowers or leaves out between two pieces of waxed paper.

The easiest way to press them is to put them in between the middle pages of a thick book. Apply pressure with a can or brick and allow it to sit for at least 24 hours. To assemble the picture use decorative paper cut to the measurements of the frame. Place the greenery in front of the paper and secure it with some hot glue. Put the frame back together and hang it on the wall. This idea is perfect in a home that has a shabby chic or country theme or any home where you are looking for an eye catching piece of art.

Children's Art Work

Another idea for pictures in the home is to use your children's art work. Not only will it add interest to your decor but it will showcase your child's hard work. Find a frame that accentuates the art work, perhaps a chunky frame in bold colors or a sleek silver frame. You may need to fold the drawing or painting to fit the frame.

If it is a small picture simply use double sided tape and secure it to a complimentary colored paper against the cardboard backing of the frame. Put the frame back together and hang it on the wall. This idea will add a whimsical look to any room in your home.

Shadow Boxes

If you are looking to find a way to display collectibles or three dimensional pieces of art in your home consider using shadow boxes as alternatives to traditional pictures on your wall. You can purchase shadow boxes at most home decor stores.

You can also use square shelves as an alternative. You can use the shadow box to hold anything from small trinkets to collections of angels, spoons or memorabilia. This is an option that can be dressed up or down depending on the style of your home decor.

Quilts or Fabric

Consider using a beautiful quilt or pieces of fabric as pictures in your home. Use clips to hang the quilt to avoid putting holes into the fabric. You could try hanging the fabric in frames using spray glue to adhere it to the back of the frame. The quilt or fabric will create a warm interesting piece of art work on your walls. This is a traditional item that can be non-traditional when hung on the wall.

The four ideas above will bring a new and interesting touch to the decor in your home while providing a great back drop to any home decor.