8 New Loft Retro Styling Tips 8 New Loft Retro Styling Tips

When renovating an unused space into a new loft you will have some decorating and styling decisions to make. You can look at more modern and contemporary designs or go for a retro style. 

A retro home decorating style will add a lot of fun and appeal to your loft. With the different colors and modular furniture, retro decorating can bring out the inner child in your creativeness.

Color Choices

Retro look is all about the vintage feel and design of yesteryear. Oranges, browns, yellows, and reds played a big part of the retro color scheme. When choosing your color palette keep these colors in mind. They tend to be a little darker and duller and not as bright as you would see with a more contemporary color choice.

Window Treatments

Designing your loft for a retro look will also have a lot to do with the window treatments you use. Window treatments like large drapes, with sheer curtains in the background to let in a soft light, are generally used. Valances are also a big part of the retro style. However, these valances are not often fabric but are made of a dark wood or covered over in a dark paneling.


New lofts designed with a retro theme do not need to have a lot of lighting. In fact, since a loft is an open area with exposed ceilings, you can limit your lighting choices to lamps. Stylish lamps with large shades set the mood of a retro design. These lights are often plugged  into outlets that are controlled by light switches. When planning your renovation, keep this electrical tip in mind.

Built In Storage

Bookshelves that are built into the walls and home entertainment centers that are combined with the bookshelves present a great a retro look.

Square and Modular

Most retro rooms are square and modular in shape. The furniture arrangements take on a modular feel and are associated in one of two ways. They can be set against the wall in areas where there are not any built in shelves. They can also be placed in the center of the room in a modular design for ease of conversation.

Floor Coverings

One of the aspects that many people tend to neglect when thinking of a new loft retro feel is the floor covering. When choosing the style of floor for your home select a covering that will match the overall color scheme and brightness of the area. Rugs and mats are the predominate floor covering. The rugs are generally thick and consist of a lot of browns and oranges.

Wall Coverings

One of the major retro wall coverings is not drywall, but a form of thin wood paneling. If your loft renovation is going to be a home office, sewing nook, extra bedroom or entertainment area, then the retro feel of the wood grain paneling will fit right in.


Not usually thought of as something to plan in a remodeling project, furniture is going to make the lasting impression. Begin planning for the type of furniture you are going to use early in your remodeling. This will help you decide the colors, floor and wall covering you will want to incorporate into the area. Consider furniture with built in storage and big cushions. The furniture modular should be in keeping with the overall flow of the room and the same color palette of browns, oranges, yellows and reds.

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