5 Playhouse Toys You Should Have

The playhouse toys you purchase for your child should as much as possible capture his or her age bracket. Here we are talking about preschool age kids i.e. 3 to 7 years old. The playhouse toys that fit best include those that are quite detailed and realistic to allow for pretend play. These children will appreciate toys that can challenge them to reach a given goal. The following information may help your purchase decisions:

1. A Set of Building Blocks

Your child will definitely enjoy playing with building blocks – they have remained a firm favorite across the decades. Building blocks, whether made from the traditional wood or plastic, are painted in attractive colors that will capture the kid’s imagination, attracting them to play. Wooden building blocks have to be carefully piled on top of each other but the plastic varieties can be snapped together. For the child’s safety refrain from buying the smaller blocks intended for older kids as these can be a choking hazard.

Kids appreciate imaginative play and with these blocks they’ll create anything they fancy. Let their imagination exhibit itself.

2. Puzzles

Most parents have realized that kids really appreciate educational games since this is the age where serious learning starts. For your kid’s playhouse toys arsenal you should throw in one or two or indeed several puzzles which may be in the form of numbers and letters, shapes, colors, and other ideas that stimulate learning.

As the child progresses, you can invest in slightly more complicated puzzles, including electronic game gadgets. Just ensure that these won’t provide empty entertainment and distraction. A good idea may be the basic computer which teaches the child number and letter skills in an enjoyable way. The kid will hardly remember that he or she is learning.

3. Pretend Musical Instruments

You can select any pretend musical instrument that is designed to include features related to an actual instrument. The guitar and the piano are a favorite with many kids.

The best musical playhouse toy is such that it has several progressive difficulty levels. These instruments can be plugged into a screen so that the playing instructions can be followed. They also can include preinstalled software and color coded frets that will enable a child to learn basics like instrument chords etc.

4. Playhouses

Every child seems to appreciate owning and playing with miniature persons in a given set up. Girls love toy houses that include little dolls in a mansion replete with furniture, utensils, stairs, balconies, and so on. These make for great pretend play where they host tea parties etc. in their dress up clothes. Boys on the other hand fancy more ‘manly’ stuff like toy soldiers and fire engines.

While these may be quite expensive, depending on the quality and detail, your kid will be engrossed for quite a while.

5. Art Toys

Sometimes the kid has to get dirty to learn. Kids play house art toys including paint sets will be messy but the kid will have lots of fun trying to create something to impress you.