3 Uses for Fossil Fuel 3 Uses for Fossil Fuel

Despite the onset of various alternative fuels in recent years, fossil fuel still remains the most widely used type of fuel the world over. While it is common knowledge that most vehicles run on this type of fuel, there are a sizable number of uses for fossil fuel that you may not know.

1.) Home Heating

If you home features central heating, it may surprise you to learn that the warm air you enjoy is most likely produced by natural gas or fossil-based oils. For this reason, an increase in your home heating bill is usually associated with a rise in fuel costs.

2.) Electrical Power

Fossil fuel, most notably coal, is the main source of electricity throughout the entire world. While nuclear power and wind power are slowly beginning to catch on, the vast majority of the world's power plants continue to be fueled by coal. Despite the environmental effects caused by coal burning, coal remains a plentiful, inexpensive source of power.

3.) Cooking

If your home features a gas stove, you may be interested to learn that the heat produced by the stove comes from natural gas. If used properly, this type of stove can be effectively utilized for cooking purposes. However, because this type of fossil fuel is odorless, it can present a number of safety hazards if the stove is accidentally left on.

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