Nylon Putting Greens vs. AstroTurf Putting Greens

Nylon putting greens and AstroTurf putting greens are your only real choices for an artificial surface at home. Which one is the better surface to use when you’re ready to put in some time on your home putting green?

Nylon Putting Greens

Nylon putting greens tend to have a very high tufting density. This allows the ball to run faster, and it replicates a real grass surface. Nylon putting greens don’t have to be worn in (played on until the fibers lose their stiffness). As the fibers are generally softer, the speed of the green doesn’t change over time. Nylon is more expensive, but if you take golf seriously, it can be worth the money. And adding sand can increase the speed of nylon putting greens by up to two grades.

AstroTurf Putting Greens

AstroTurf is quite viable as an artificial putting green, and it is generally cheaper than nylon. It does still possess that stiffness, however, so the ball won’t roll as freely as it will on nylon. AstroTurf needs a firmer back to work well. If you're on a lower budget, AstroTurf can be adequate.