Oak Molding Trim Oak Molding Trim

There has been no greater love than that for the texture and color of certain woods, and oak molding is a good way to bring this age old love into your home. They don't take much to install, and can completely change the feel of your home.

Molding Patterns

When you go to pick out your oak molding, you will see there are many different of patterns cut into the wood. There is also the width of the trim itself which can be thin or wide depending on your taste. The wide ones can make a smaller room feel even smaller, so think about the over all impression the molding will provide the room you are working on.

Natural or Painted

Most people like getting oak molding for the natural feel and color of the wood, along with the beauty of the exposed grains or lines in the woods texture. If this is not what you are looking for, oak molding can be painted to match the colors in your home, which will make it blend in.

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