Oak Tree Repair: Root Damage During Construction

If there is construction going on around your oak tree, there is a good chance it could damage the tree's roots. Sometimes the damage will be noticeable immediately, but you can't always be sure which tree the damaged roots belong to.

Root Damage

Root damage can lead to small problems, like parts of the tree dying off. However, it could also weaken the roots to the extent that they can no longer support the tree. Deciphering how serious the root damage is can be very tricky.

Possible Repairs

Unfortunately, it is not possible to repair plant roots. Sometimes it isn’t always clear that damage has been caused. The nearby construction could be finished for months before the damage becomes apparent on the tree. All you can do is treat the damage as it appears. If parts of the sick tree start dying off, you will have to prune them. Given enough time, a tree can repair some of the root damage itself.

With luck, roots damaged during construction will not result in major problems. Unfortunately, you often can't be certain of that until long after the event.