Oak vs Maple Cabinets

  • Beginner

Whether you are undertaking a complete refurbishment or simply improving the appearance of the kitchen, maple cabinets may be a consideration. Being able to compare the qualities of maple against oak will enable you to decide on the best option for you.


If you intend to use a color theme in your kitchen, you will need to take the type of wood into account. The color of maple cabinets varies depending on the variety of wood but can go from creamy off white to having a red tone. Oak can be used when brown tones are required.


The grain of the wood can play a large part in the image of the overall look of the kitchen. Maple cabinets will comprise markings of relatively straight lines, while curved and swirled patterns will decorate cabinets made of oak.


Cabinets made from oak are less likely to sustain damage than maple cabinets. Oak tends to be a more durable wood even if it's not as hard as maple.


You are likely to find that maple cabinets will often be more expensive than their oak counterparts, depending on the style. There are a larger variety of oak trees than there is maple so it is more widely available.