Obtain a Little Bit of Privacy with a Trellis Obtain a Little Bit of Privacy with a Trellis

Whether you live in a large home or a small apartment, you can obtain a little bit of privacy with a trellis. A privacy trellis is a smart way to keep noise at bay, as well as blocking an area from neighbors.

What Is a Trellis

A trellis is typically made from wood or plastic and resembles a fence that can be used to hang plants, garden ornaments or nailed to an area to be used for shade. It has a number of uses that homeowners find useful as well as an attractive design element.

In the Garden

Most homeowners like to use a trellis as a form of decoration in their backyards where they can plant flowers or shrubs that will eventually attach themselves to the trellis. If strategically placed, a trellis is a nice way for a homeowner to show off his prize rose collection while blocking the neighbors’ views. Try placing the trellis in an area that blocks the view of your neighbor and then attach the vines or stems through the holes of the trellis which will eventually grow upward and provide privacy.

Apartment Living

If you live in an apartment building and have a neighbor that is right next door to you that you want to block out, try anchoring a trellis on the same outside wall that is shared. Next, plant flowers or bushy plants in a planter and place these in front of the trellis so it will begin to grow on the trellis fence. After a few weeks, the plant will cover the trellis providing privacy from your neighbors.

Covering a Gazebo

If you have a stationary gazebo in your yard, you can use a couple of trellises to form a ceiling where you can grow or hang plants. A trellis not only acts as shade, but once the plants or flowers start to grow downward, they will provide privacy from neighbors.

Indoor Garden

If you prefer to put up a trellis inside the home, you can do this as easily as placing one outdoors. Find a window that would be appropriate and place the trellis against the glass. Then, place a pretty pot or garden trough at the foot of the trellis and fill it with flowers or appropriate indoor plants. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always purchase artificial flowers or plants instead. Next, weave the stalks or leaves through the holes of the trellis. Depending on how much privacy you want, you can fill all of the holes on the trellis with flora to provide privacy.

Beautiful Bed

A creative way to update your bedroom in addition to gaining some privacy is to use a trellis as a headboard. You don’t have to get rid of the one you already have, just use the old headboard as the backing for the trellis. Buy a sheet of pre-constructed trellis at the hardware store and have it cut to the dimensions to fit your headboard. Nail the trellis onto the headboard and smooth rough corners with sandpaper. You can add wood molding on the corners for a finished look and then paint the trellis. Weave artificial flowers and ivy or other plants through the holes to create a romantic appearance. Make sure the trellis is placed high enough to block out prying eyes if your bed is visible from a window.


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