Obtaining a Demolition Permit for Wall Teardowns

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If you are doing any type of wall teardown demolition work, you will need the proper permit to complete the work. Permits will vary depending on your location. All permits are required to ensure that the work being done is safe. Failing to have approved permission from a local building organization could lead to large fines. This can be easily avoided as long as the following information is absorbed and adhered to.

Making Your Demolition Plans

Determine your plans for tearing down the walls. The permit application will require a detailed description of the work you plan on completing. The amount of demolition and any replacements you plan on making will affect whether a permit is required or not. A simple job may not need a permit, however a full demolition will, in most cases, require proper permission from the building code enforcement office.

Licensed Professional Assistance with your Demolition Plans

As you are making your tentative plans for tearing down the wall, determine if you will need the assistance of a licensed professional.

Contacting a Building Code Enforcement Officer

Make contact with an officer at your local building code enforcement organization. Inquire about the necessary permit applications. Find out if you can pick up the application or if it has to be sent through the postal service. Find out the number of permits that you will need for your demolition project.

Required Documentation

Generally, a full demolition application will require an attachment of several documents. You will need to have a letter of authorization from the landowner. You will need photographs of the area that you plan to demolish. The size of the area to be demolished will also need to be provided as well as the name of any licensed professionals who will be working on the demolition project.

Completing the Application

Once you have the appropriate application documents, complete all the necessary forms and provide all of the required information. Return the application, in its entirety, to the building code enforcement office. If possible, you should hand-deliver the documentation and have an officer review your application to be sure you have provided everything. You will also need to provide payment for the necessary fees involved in having your demolition permit processed. The permit process fess will depend on the size and complexity of the demolition. It is best to make payment with a money order.

Scheduling an Inspection

Contact the building code enforcement office to schedule an inspection of the site where you plan on doing the demolition work. Generally, the inspection must be completed before the permit process can be completed and the approval given. Keep in mind that the inspector may also visit your site while the wall tears down are in progress.

Permit Issuance

The demolition permit may take about ten to twenty working days to process depending on the complexity of the demolition, the tools being used, the professionals being accessed, and the local regulations.