3 Octagon Window Covering Ideas

Drapes on a window.

If you are looking for octagonal window coverings, you should go for something that is environmentally friendly and unique. No, you do not need to spend a lot of money on your window coverings. There are plenty of unique and environment-friendly window coverings that are affordable and easy on your budget.

Go for Blinds Instead of Curtains

Bio-degradable window blinds are more environmentally-friendly than curtains. When shopping for window blinds, look for something that is made of wood or recycled fabric. To save some money, hunt for wooden blinds at flea markets and discount stores. On the other hand, if you love to work with your hands, you can make your own blinds using leftover wood and other recyclable materials you have at home.

Bamboo Window Coverings

Octagonal window coverings that are made of bamboo are not only unique, they are also very friendly to the environment. Woven bamboo blinds can give your octagonal window a unique and exotic look. On the other hand, retractable bamboo awnings will keep the summer heat out of your home and help you save energy.

Recycled Fabric Window Covering

Recycled fabric can make lovely window coverings. You can weave bits and pieces of old t-shirts, clothes, towels, and others to create a colorful octagonal window covering.