Office Chair Office Chair

The office chair, or desk chair is a familiar and constantly used part of the business environment. Every office has desks and every desk has a desk chair or office chair. One of the most popular types of office chair is the swivel chair, which allows someone in an office to roll back and forth on wheels, turn sideways, around, or in any direction, all the while maintaining a comfortable working position.

The Swivel Office Chair

The swivel office chair became very popular in the office world in the 1980’s though the swivel chair goes back at least 100 years from that, and there are many swivel office chairs made of wood, old examples of what we now know as the office chair.

Other, more stationary types of office chairs still are manufactured today, of course, and are used in office situations. Some people prefer the stationary office chair to the swivel office chair, but most doctors would recommend the swivel chair, since ergonomically, it is much better for the back, when someone is sitting for prolonged periods of time.

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