Oil Deck Stain: Prevent Cracking

The oil deck stain that you use can ensure that your deck looks great for many years. Not only will you choose a lovely color for the deck, but choosing oil deck stain can keep the wood conditioned to prevent it from cracking for many years.  

Protect the Wood

Oil deck stain protects wood from severe weather. The products that you use for your deck will make a difference in how often you have to stain the deck to keep it looking great.

Prepare the Wood Before Staining

You can ensure that your deck looks great by properly preparing the wood before you apply your oil deck stain.  Make sure that there is no dirt or debris that will contribute to the failure of the stain. Do not use bleach based cleaner on your wood deck. Bleach will prevent the oil deck stain from penetrating fully into the wood.  This will mean staining the deck again much sooner than expected. Look for a cleaner that has a two part system with sodium percarbonate and an acid based cleaner.