Oil Furnace Parts: How to Remove an Oil Furnace Nozzle

What You'll Need
Old rags
Flathead screwdriver
Wrench set

You can add years to the life of your furnace by regularly checking and cleaning your oil furnace parts. The individual parts can accumulate dirt and grime over the years that will decrease furnace's ability to heat. Dust can also frequently build up at the nozzle of the furnace that can affect the performance as well. This article will examine how to go about removing the nozzle on your oil furnace heater.

Step 1: Kill the Power

The first thing to do before you begin working on your furnace is to make sure there is no electricity running through it. There will be an emergency switch near the furnace to make sure you kill the power. The switch is typically a bright red color and should not be hard to locate. Make sure once you have found it that it is completely switched into the off position.

Step 2: Stop the Flow of Oil

It is equally important after killing the electricity flowing into the furnace to cut off the oil running into the system as well. At the bottom of the oil tank will be s valve that controls the flow of oil. Turn it clockwise as far as you can to completely cut off the oil going into the furnace.

Step 3: Remove the Filter and Transformer

At this point you will need to locate the filter on your furnace. Once you have you can begin removing the screws that hold it into place. Place them on the plate you have with you to keep track of them for reassembly later on. You can then remove the screws holding the transformer in place to remove it as well. It may not detach completely but can be moved to the side so you are able to continue.

Step 4: Detach the Oil Line

Beyond the transformer will be the pump oil line held in place by some various nuts and bolts. Use the wrench to remove these nuts to allow the pump line to slide out. The exact arrangement will vary depending on the furnace so there may be some additional maneuvering required.

Step 5: Remove the Nozzle

Once you have the nozzle removed you can use the old rags to wipe away any residue or dirt covering it. To remove the nozzle you may need to use multiple wrenches at once to pull the oil line apart far enough. You can use the wrenches to loosen the nozzle itself until it is able to be unscrewed by hand. At this point you can clean the nozzle itself, the electrodes inside, or replace the nozzle altogether.

Step 6: Put It Back Together

The last thing you need to do is retrace your steps in reverse to reassemble the oil furnace completely. Be careful to make sure every screw is put back in the correct location and everything ends up exactly where you found it. Once you turn the oil flow and electricity back on you are finished and can continue to use your furnace like normal.