Oil Furnace Repair: Furnace Motor Troubleshooting

Oil Furnace Repair is a common type of repair that a home owner who has oil heat may encounter at one point or another during their home ownership. Oil furnaces are, for the most part, fairly hardy and will withstand a great deal. However, like anything else, oil furnaces are made with a bunch of moving parts and some of those moving parts may begin to give you trouble. It is no fun living in a non-heated house. Here are several problems you may encounter and how to diagnose or fix them.

Fixing and Replacing the Motor

If you are somewhat handy, you can troubleshoot many of the common oil furnace motor problems discussed here. In addition many of the repairs associated with the problems noted below can also be tackled by the savvy do-it-yourselfer. If you are going to get into replacing the motor, you may want to seek out a professional HVAC (heating and air) technician to complete this type of an extensive job.

Oil Burner is Not Functioning

Check the motor. You may have an overheated oil furnace motor. It will need to be replaced if overheating. Some oil heaters also have a reset button on the motor. You can try to hit the reset button before you have to make the determination to replace the motor completely.

Oil Furnace is Smoking or Making Noise

Sometimes you will find that your oil furnace will just smoke for no reason. It also may begin to make a humming or squealing noise. If this happens, your blower motor may be the cause. Shut the oil furnace off completely and check the blower motor and lubricate it. Allow the furnace to cool for at least a couple hours. Then, lubricate the motor system and turn the unit back on. Allow the unit to run for a few hours and then check it again to see if the smoking or noise is persisting.
Warning: Do not over-lubricate your motor. Over lubrication of the motor will cause overheating. Once the motor is sufficiently overheated, the only solution is to replace the oil heater.

Lack of Spinning

You may be in a situation where your oil furnace blower no longer spins with consistency. This could be indicative of a problem with your wiring connections. Again, to check the wire connections you need to allow the motor some time to cool. Turn your furnace off for at least an hour or so before you proceed. The wire connections can be located right above the blower. Feel the connections with your hands. If they seem at all loose, tighten them with a wire crimper.

Other Considerations

When repairing or troubleshooting any part on your oil furnace, remember to take the proper safety precautions into consideration. Remember to turn off the oil burner during your repair. It is also a good idea to wear old sloppy clothes that you would not mind getting dirty.