Oil Garage Heater Pros and Cons Oil Garage Heater Pros and Cons

Oil garage heater utilization helps balance the heat distribution throughout your garage, preventing engine malfunctions, providing proper heat conduction for a comfortable working environment and even keeping your pets warm.

The Pros of Oil Garage Heaters:

  • non-explosive
  • less likely to produce carbon monoxide
  • independent suppliers
  • no monthly service fees

The Cons of Oil Garage Heater:

  • must be stored on premises
  • annual burner maintenance recommended
  • 85% maximum efficiency
  • high temperature exhaust
  • potential ground/water contaminant

Choosing Your Garage Heater

When choosing your heater, be sure to check various resources and discover which type of garage heater will work best for you. Various heaters include electric, propane (optional infrared), natural gas (optional infrared), oil and hot water. Costs vary depending upon what type of heater you choose and the number of BTUS or British Thermal Units per hour, gallon, and ton. How many BTUs you need depends on variables such as the garage size, your climate zone and the temperature you want to work in.

Check with a local heating pro or the heater manufacturer for a specific recommendation to fit your needs.


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