How to Operate and Care for Oil Lamps and Oil Lamp Chimneys

Oil lamps make for a great way to alternatively light any house. Besides working as good decorations they can also be used for gifts or in case of a power outage. The oil lamp chimneys are rather delicate so you have to make sure you don’t knock them over when maintaining them.

Basic Upkeep of Oil Lamps and Oil Lamp Chimneys

• Filling – Carefully remove the oil lamp chimney and unscrew the burner from the lamp. Fill up the lamp with oil but leave about a half of an inch from the top. Reattach the burner and oil lamp chimney.
• Cleaning and Trimming – Oil lamp chimneys tend to get a lot of smoke and soot buildup on them. The easiest way to prevent this is to remove and clean the oil lamp chimneys after every use. Also if you take the wick and trim off the charred tip it will work better and you can even change the type of the flame.
• Extinguishing – You must make sure you don’t touch the oil lamp chimneys as they are very hot. Just cup your hand at the back of the chimney and blow.