A Brief Explanation of Oil Radiators A Brief Explanation of Oil Radiators

An oil radiator heater can add some extra warmth to your home and save on your heating bills during the cold months of winter. Oil radiator heaters operate by warming the special heat conserving oil that’s inside the unit, then circulating the oil throughout the radiator’s fins and coils to heat them up. Cold air that passes through the radiator is heated by the newly heated coils and fins. The unit does not have fans, which allows for the extra benefit of silent operation.

Oil radiator heaters are very nice because they never actually burn the oil; they just simply heat it. The oil never has to be refilled or replaced. That makes the oil radiator style heater a very efficient way to heat an area.

The most beautiful part of the oil radiator heaters is that they can be used just about anywhere. They are perfect for chilly bedrooms or drafty offices, and they are made in several sizes. Some are even made to fit beneath desks so that they are out of the way.

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